martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

3DPrint an IPhone at home!

Personal Fabrication is a two decades old utopia that today is very close to be achieved thanks to technological and social changes occurred in recent years that have broken all paradigms.

The birth of "the cloud" on the internet, which completely change the way we access software and information, the boom of social networks that has defined a new way to relate to people, the rise of open software as a new standard of publication, or most new "open hardware", with open R&D schemes, are driving manufacturing to new PF scenarios.

Social aspects are driven the change too: online communities are the new technical assistance and help to reduce technology maturity times; the increasingly need to stand out the rest is traduced in a demand for highly personalized products and spreading of DIY culture, determinant for commercialize low-cost device kits, to be mounted at home.

The point is, PF is an emerging field, growing exponentially. Moreover, PF has been named as future  industrial revolution because of its importance and potential impact in society. But this is just the beginning... we have a long way to go before you can print the new IPhone at home. 

Meanwhile, changes are happening...and they are triggers for many others yet to come, that can already be, it's to us riding the wave.

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